Sunday, July 29, 2007

Like the Day Before Christmas

With a month and a day to go before the home opener at Rutgers Stadium on August 30, I'm anxious to get my season tickets in my hands.
Luckily, I just found the envelope in which last year's tickets arrived; it was postmarked July 28, 2006. So, does that mean my 2007 tickets could already be in the hands of the US Postal Service as I write this? I'll let you know when they arrive (or maybe you'll just hear shouts of pure joy, and chants of Upstream Red Team!, coming from all around New Jersey as fans open their mailboxes next week).


Another RU Fan said...

I think you're right! I think they are in the mail.
Yesterday I got my letter, with a magnetic scarlet R for the car, stating that the tickets would be received under separate cover.

Chris said...

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