Sunday, March 16, 2008

TBA on September 27 won't be a MAC team either

The MAC schedules have been published and everyone's busy on Saturday, September 27th:
  • Kent State at Ball State
  • Buffalo at Central Michigan
  • Northern Illinois at Eastern Michigan
  • FIU at Toledo
  • Western Michigan at Temple
  • Cincinnati at Akron
  • Bowling Green at Wyoming
  • VMI at Ohio
I had a gut feeling that the cherry and white of Temple might make a reappearance at Rutgers Stadium in late September, but I guess that's out of the question.
Does anyone know how to find out which teams might still have an open date on September 27 to fill the hole in Rutgers' schedule?
there anyone left with an open date to match with Rutgers at this late date?

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Anonymous said...

They should fill in Sept 6th and take a bye before West Virgina