Monday, November 15, 2010

Je m'accuse...

... or mea culpa (mea maxima culpa) for those of you who don't understand French. It is totally my fault that the Scarlet Knights are back to their form and record of a decade ago. I just read that the Syracuse Orange beat the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in a close game two days ago. If I had followed the pattern of the last four years I would have been at every home game at Rutgers Stadium this year and I would have been religiously following Rule #12 and its corollaries. And the Scarlet Knights would have, of course, won.
So blame this fan who moved out of state (to a place that makes New Jersey look like... well, not to belittle the Garden State ... look like "New Jersey") for last Saturday's 13-10 home loss to the Orange. If I had been singing the school songs and screaming until my vocal cords bled, then my team would have won. Don't blame Coach Schiano or any of the student athletes who are proudly wearing Scarlet. I haven't read any comments on the interwebs about last Saturday's game, but I'm sure that the normal lineup of moaners, whiners, nitpickers. and Sunday morning quarterbacks are busy moaning, whining, picking nits, and backseat coaching and quarterbacking, as always. Those assholes are welcome to blame me, if they can find me. They can comment below too, knowing that I won't read their comments.

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