Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Beat Visitor" was in R House today

At the 23-15 victory over Syracuse at Rutgers Stadium this afternoon, I noticed the sign in the following picture.
All I had was my iPhone camera, so you can't read the letters in the square white box above the large block R in the corner near the student section, but it reads "BEAT VISITOR":
The extra point being attempted in this photo was not successful.

It wasn't me holding up the Beat Visitor sign (though more than one person on Twitter asked if it was). If it was you, let me know in the comments below, or at @BeatVisitor.

Six and Oh feels great, as does beating Syracuse in this last of many meetings since 1914.  I had so much fun at R House this afternoon, that I'm watching the game again on SNY Encore now.

Go Knights!


Rob said...

It was my friend and I. Thought we would pay homage to a great sign from our student days. We are season ticket holders...front row, section 133. And rest assured...with your blessing, "Beat Visitor" will live on into the distant future!


True Blue Liberal said...

I saw the first "Beat Visitor" signs at Rutgers games against ranked opponents.
Now that Rutgers is the ranked team, some of the meaning may have gone out of it, but I still love its understated charm in an era when most signmakers are just looking for clever ways to feature the letters "E" "S" "P" and "N" to get themselves on television for 5 seconds.