Monday, September 16, 2013

Here's hoping Fayetteville gets "Rutgers Drunk" next Saturday night

Regular readers may remember that I posted this quote from an Arkansas Razorbacks' blog last September 24th after the Scarlet Knights beat the Hogs on their turf.  I can't help repeating it this year as we prepare to host them at R House.

The writer in Arkansas Expats wrote about names for various varieties of inebriation and their anecdotal origins. There was "Grandma Drunk" (something about taking someone's Grandma to a sports bar) and "Kentucky Drunk" (following a 2007 Arkansas football loss to that basketball powerhouse that caused the writer's brother-in-law to go on a legendary bender), and then the writer had this suggestion:
"...And following the debacle I witnessed Saturday night inside Razorback Stadium, "Rutgers drunk" should be a deserving candidate as well.

"The only problem is that right now there isn't enough booze in the world to numb the anxiety, angst, or apoplectic rage that comes with a preseason Top Ten team posting a 1-3 record in its first four games, including losses to members of he Sun Belt and the Big East. Whiskey worked wonders for helping us temporarily forget watching Andre Woodson march a basketball school up and down our football field, but it falls way short of medicating properly a loss to freaking Rutgers."
Here's hoping that the liquor stores and bars in and around Fayetteville, Arkansas have tremendous paydays next Saturday night.

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