Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knights in Scarlet Armor salute Rutgers Women's Basketball

In an article in yesterday's online Star-Ledger that was mostly about Brian Leonard's visit to Spring Practice, there was also this note about, and quotation from, a HEALTHY Tiquan Underwood:

Starting wide receiver Tiquan Underwood knows exactly what he will be doing Sunday night at 7 -- watching the Rutgers women take on LSU in the national semifinals.

Underwood is among a handful of football players who were regulars at Rutgers women's home games this season.

"I think I missed one or two," he said. "A bunch of us always found ways to work the games. We'd carry around the TV cables or help wherever we could. There was no way in December I thought they would be where they are now. It's really special what they're doing. It's great for them and it's great for the university."

If I had cable TV (maybe I'll write more about that in upcoming entries), I'd be watching the women too. With their consistent appearances in the national rankings, their Final Four appearances, and their National Championship in 1982 (right before the NCAA took over from the AIAW), the Rutgers women's basketball team is the perfect role model for our recently resurgent Knights in Scarlet Armor! Maybe we should start referring to Greg Schiano the C. Vivian Stringer of Football as well the Joe Paterno of New Jersey.

Congratulations Women for making the Final Four!
And Good Luck in Cleveland!

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