Monday, April 2, 2007

Scarlet--White Game ticket info

In case you aren't on the mailing list yet from the Rutgers Ticket Office, here's a copy of the postcard we found in our mailbox today regarding the details about the Scarlet-White Game (& Fanfest & Touchdown Club Auction & Autograph Session) on April 21. Tickets are only $5 (kids under 12 free) and that includes a t-shirt.
Have they ever sold out a Scarlet-White Game before this year?

Click Here (or on the image) to see a larger, more legible, version of the postcard.

See You There!


Anonymous said...

This racist pig Al Sharpton would'nt have a problem if Imus had been a black man.
It's ok for black folks to call each other "HO'S", but let Imus do it and see how the black low life responds.
Until April 5th, I never realized Rutgers had a Women's Basketball team.
From this day,(thanks to Al Sharpton) I will acknowledge the team only as:
Black folks brought this on themselves!!

Beat Visitor said...

I really debated whether or not to delete the comment above by "Mr. Anonymous". I'm not sure if that is his real name, but you do get the impression that it is a "him" and that he is not a person of color.
He's also not a member of the Rutgers community if he doesn't know that RU has a wonderful women's basketball team that is consistently ranked and often makes it to the later rounds of the NCAA tournament.
But I'm not deleting it because it's comments like this that are the best argument for keeping racist comments like those on Imus in the Morning off the air. Allowing Imus to return to broadcasting would validate the ignorance of the Mr. Anonymouses of the nation.
Go Knights!