Monday, May 7, 2007

Birthplace of College Football, Ultimate Frisbee, & Whiffle Hurling

We all know Rutgers as the Birthplace of College Football with the first game between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6, 1869.

Others of us are well aware of the fact that Rutgers was also the site of the first intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee competition (again between Rutgers and Princeton) on November 6, 1972.

Today in the "Virtual Worlds" gaming section of, there's a commentary about a non-virtual game played with real players, goals, and wiffle* balls and bats. The sport of Wiffle* Hurling [video] was invented by a Rutgers MFA student, Tom Russotti, as an exercise in Aesthletics, but it seems to be screaming for its first intercollegiate introduction. Only two questions need to be answered before that can happen:

  1. Does Princeton have a team yet?

  2. And which team is going to be forced to wear the sombreros?

*Both spellings, Wiffle Hurling and Whiffle Hurling, seem to used currently, so search on both if you want to learn more.
The NCAA will have to decide whether or not to retain the h before it becomes a big-time sport and the TV dollars start rolling in.

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