Thursday, May 17, 2007

LEAVE THE BLOCK R ALONE!, or Nothing Worthwhile Was Ever Designed in a Legislative Committee.

Doesn't anyone remember how unattractive the Scarlet Knights' helmet was the last time it included an "N.J." in the 1990s?? If not, here's a picture.

This old design definitely ranks lower than the profile of a knight's head that was on the helmets in the 1970s, or the "Rutgers" with a dagger for a "t" that immediately preceded the current helmet. And the current block R is the best. It's the simplest and strongest helmet identifier that the Knights have ever worn, at least in the humble opinion of this alumnus and blogger. It's not an opinion shared by New Jersey legislators with too much time on their hands. The following comes from an article on today:

An Assembly committee Thursday approved a resolution requesting Rutgers redesign that "R" logo to include the letters "NJ," a move designed to give the state credit for recent successes at the school, and make it as synonymous with New Jersey as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, jokes about smelly refineries and "The Sopranos."

Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan said it's fitting that Rutgers display its affiliation to New Jersey. [...] "I just think this is the kind of thing we should encourage." Diegnan displayed a suggested new logo that would place the letters "NJ" in the slanted part of the lower "R."

And if there's an "R" and an "NJ" on the new logo, won't that be pronounced "orange"? Isn't there already another Orange team in the Big East? ... and another orange team just down the road in New Jersey?

Why introduce any confusion when Rutgers finally has a nationally-recognized logo? This is recognition that was earned on the field and the court. Rutgers owns the letter R until someone takes it away from us. If the legislature would like to help the State University of New Jersey, then they should restore some budget cuts!

Leave the block R alone!


Anonymous said...

The current "R" is unimaginative and horrendously ugly. The helmet you label ugliest was by far the most attractive.

Anonymous said...

the last person commenting obviously works as a legislator. lol.
get real. Leave the block R and Rutgers alone.