Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Exactly 24 Hours Until Kickoff in Toronto . . .

. . . and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are dressed in scarlet in honor or our Knights' arrival!

I'm not going to be flying into the Great White North until tomorrow morning. I'd love to be up there right now, but I'll stay for a day and a half after the game instead to see the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and some of these guys in red with the Smokey-the-Bear hats. You're supposed to tease them and tickle them and try to make them smile, right? Or is that the tradition in some other English-speaking nation with men in red wearing funny hats?

The thing I love about the International Bowl the most (so far) is its lack of corporate sponsorship. Canada will be around long after Tostitos and FedEx and GMAC and PapaJohnsDotCom are long forgotten (unless, of course, Cartman's Mom finally gets her way, eh?).

See you tomorrow!

Go Knights!

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Johnny said...

Best of luck today!