Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WVU is playing against the men in stripes as well as the Sooners

Between 6-8 points were simply given to the Sooners by the refs so far tonight (or maybe sold to the Oklahomans by an otherwise underpaid officiating staff). The first field goal attempt was the product of a bullshit 30-yard late hit/unsportsmanlike penalty, and their third field-goal attempt was only possible because the refs would not or could not see a hold on Dingle that was called by every fan in the stands and every pro-Oklahoma man in the broadcast booth. That was immediately followed by the safety that turned into a touchback for the Okies (and then their first touchdown).

Go Mountaineers! The entire Big East is rooting for you in your quest to beat the 16 or 17 men on the field who are playing against you in the Fiesta Bowl right now (it's great to be an unaffiliated blogger, not only can you call a bullshit call a bullshit call, but you don't have to mention the brand name of the pseudo-Mexican obesity-inducing corn chips that are part of the Fiesta Bowl's official name). As I write this, Noel Devine just made it 27-15 (but really 27-9 at the most). Show no mercy. Go for the jugular! Go Mountaineers! Go Big East!

Update with 9:21 left:
As I was adding the photo, the refs gave the Okies another TD with a 30-yard "pass interference/personal foul" penalty to make it 41-28, and Noel Devine responded with another long (non-referee-assisted) touchdown run to make it 48-28. Even the zebras must be starting to give up hope at this point.


MountaineerBob said...

Good luck our Big East bros in Jersey. Let's make the BIG EAST 3-2 in bowl games this year. My Mounties got the job done. RICE needs to run for 300 yards and kick some butt!

True Blue Liberal said...

Well, Rice didn't run for 300 yards, but I guess his 280 yards and 4 TDs got the job done (with a little help from Teel's 3 passing TDs). It was a lot of fun up there in Toronto, but I'm hoping to see some better competition next year.