Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OK. We're all Manchester United fans now (and not just because they're another red team)

There are photos of football (the kind that doesn't have helmets) superstar Wayne Rooney all over the internet wearing not one, but two, different Block R Rutgers caps.
Check it out here, here, and here.
And check out these Manchester United song and chant lyrics here. Here's a sample:

"If you want to go to heaven when you die; you must keep the Red Flag flying high; Get yourself a red bonnet; and put 'F*** the Scousers' on it; If you want to go to heaven when you die"

Or, in place of "F*** the Scousers", you can just put a Block R on your red bonnet.


Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump said...

As a United fan, Champions of Europe and Champions of England, and a Rutgers season ticket holder, section 116, its a dream come true.

It would be great to get that chant going during a game this season may be for the Thursday night game against Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Scousers, how about F*** Rutgers 1000? Can we chant that? Someone oughta address the filth they post.

I've got a feeling when I stop whittling, somethings gonna happen.