Monday, April 20, 2009

The Scarlet beat the White 31-3 on Saturday (here's the video to hold you until Labor Day)

Here are some film clips and photos from Saturday afternoon's 2009 Scarlet-White Game at Rutgers Stadium in beautiful Piscataway.
Once again, it was beautiful weather for the Spring game -- you didn't need to wear anything more than your free scarlet t-shirt. The Scarlet beat the White 31-3 after we watched the Rutgers Lacrosse team fall to Penn State by a score of 9-4 in the 11:30am opener (which explains the yellow lines you may notice on the field).
This video features film clips and shots of quarterbacks Domenic Natale and D.C. Jefferson, wide receiver Tim Brown, kicker San San Te, running back Joe Martinek, the ongoing stadium construction, the on-field postgame autograph session, and more. The background music -- variations on our Alma Mater "On the Banks of the Old Raritan" -- was recorded specifically for this three-minute video. The guitar was played by R. Mumma, but if you want to play along at home the bass and drums are courtesy of a Fender G-Dec Junior (ballad setting in the key of A).
See you at the next game at R House on Labor Day versus Cincinnati!


Football University said...

Great stuff! Excited for the fall. How about Tom Savage? Is he on campus yet? Any insight into what he'll bring to the squad?

True Blue Liberal said...

Tom Savage was seen in a Phillies cap in the recruits section just below us on the 50-yard-line, but he won't be enrolled until the fall, so he wasn't suited up for the Scarlet-White Game. I think there's going to be enough competition for the QB starting spot in the fall between Natale, Jefferson, and Lovelace (with Natale in the lead right now), that I wouldn't be surprised to see Savage redshirted this year. But who knows? I can't wait until Labor Day.