Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scarlet Knights in the Big Ten in 2010??

Is this story from this morning's Smoking Musket about Rutgers moving from the Big East to the Big Ten (soon to be twelve) appearing anywhere else on the internet??

UPDATE 5/28/09: Of course it became obvious immediately after my post yesterday that this "story" from a West Virginia blog was not true when it was not appearing anywhere else on the web (except here at Beat Visitor and some WVU blogs that picked it up from the Smoky Muskrat). But there is good reason to believe a headline that reads, "Rutgers University to Leave Big East, Join Big Ten Conference," especially when we see that Joe Paterno is in the news around the nation again today calling for a twelfth team in the Big "Ten":
"If I had my choice, someone that can give us the biggest TV exposure in the East," Paterno said, offering as possibilities "Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers. Not in that order." [emphasis added]
I don't think there's any doubt that he exactly reversed the order of his personal preference.
And I don't think that Tim Pernetti and Rutgers should hesitate for one second if the offer is made!


Anonymous said...

uhhhh... isn't it a joke, meant to highlight our lack of success / BE titles, in football and men's basketball, etc?

- cornertavern

True Blue Liberal said...

Since I haven't seen anything else mentioning the Big Ten expansion since stumbling upon the Smoking Musket reference this morning, I assume it must be a joke, but it still makes sense. See this article from Steve Politi from August 2007.