Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brian Leonard and Ryan Hart News

With the names in the news this morning, it seems like it's 2005 again.

#23 Brian Leonard has this feature in the Star-Ledger about his future with the Bengals. I want Brian to succeed so badly that I'd be glad to see him beat any NFL team that I rooted for (my professional loyalties will never be as deep as my Scarlet pride), but it's the end of the article that I found most interesting. There he talks about the importance of coming back to Rutgers to train with the current team this summer. Brian Leonard's influence on the Scarlet Knights' success goes so much deeper than his own records and leaping highlight films. No one will ever forget how he influenced his roommate and successor Ray Rice, and how he was glad to block for Ray in the 11-2 2006 Senior season rather than looking to pad his own pro résumé. Now he is working with, and complimenting (and, I hope, leaving his mark on), the next generation in the Rutgers backfield.

Leonard said he has enjoyed hanging out with the current Rutgers players in the weight room and is interested to see who emerges from their crowded pack at running back this fall. One of the contenders, Joe Martinek, reminds Leonard a little bit of himself.
"He has a running style like mine a lot," Leonard said. "He's kind of a downhill runner, a powerful runner. I've been talking to him about training. He's been a good player; he's a good guy, too."

And #13 Ryan Hart is in the news, suing Electronic Arts for using his image without permission or payment in a video game.

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