Friday, June 26, 2009

The Quote of the Day About the 2009 Scarlet Knights

"I actually think there's a decent chance, assuming that they get off to a good start, that Rutgers will be favored in every game it plays this year, including Big East games. A nine- or 10-win season is a real possibility for the Scarlet Knights."

--Brian Bennett,,
26 June 2009

That isn't the only love given to the Rutgers football team by a writer for a sports network's website this week. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline picked our shining Knights in scarlet armor to win the Big East on Tuesday.
Not to put any pressure on them (not that any of the players read but the Cincinnati game this Labor Day is much bigger than the Fresno State game last Labor Day (and that was a big game). If they do beat the Bearcats, they will be on an eight-game winning streak and they definitely will be favored in every following game (unless they lose and break the string). 9 wins Brian?? 10 wins? Why not 12? Or 13 with a bowl win in January?

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