Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Beat Visitor dot com

Here's a little Christmas present from Beat Visitor dot com at the end of a 9-4 Scarlet Knights football season that many found disappointing. And could we even imagine the word "disappointing" appearing in conjunction with the numbers 9-4 even five years ago? Or at ANY point in the long history of Rutgers football? With that historical perspective of our current situation in mind, we thought you might enjoy a blast from the past. This article, "SHADES OF 1869: First intercollegiate football game is re-enacted at Princeton," from the November 4, 1946 issue of Life magazine shows in words and pictures a postwar (post World War II) crowd reenacting the postwar (post Civil War) birth of intercollegiate football between Rutgers and Princeton on the 77th anniversary of that first game in New Brunswick.
If you click the link, be sure to scroll down through the advertisements to see all the pictures on pages 101 through 104 (but don't ignore the ads either, especially those for Southern Pacific's fast 52-hour travel between Chicago and LA or for Ting, the "ALMOST INCREDIBLE NEW scientifically compounded treatment for SKIN ERUPTIONS").
Merry Christmas to the Scarlet Knights and to their fans.

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