Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Good to Be Back

It wasn't too impressive a first half, but we weren't beginning the season against Cincinnati this year and there was plenty of time to turn things around, so it was fun to listen to the Scarlet Knights come together in the second half and end up dispatching Norfolk State by a respectable score of 31-0.
Because I'm not living within an easy drive of Piscataway this year I didn't renew my tickets. These weeknight games are extremely hard for me to get to, but I do hope to catch a couple of Saturday games at R House (or R New Guest House in the Swamps of East Rutherford) and I hope to be able to write more in a Beat Visitor blog that's been more than a little moribund lately.

1 comment:

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

If you read some of the stories in the press you'd think RU lost by 31 last night!

Rutgers D was very impressive last night, but the offense is a work in progress.

They will get better....Schiano's teams always do.

Geeesh! One game a people are hitting the proverbial panic button already....after a shut out!