Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Began Tonight

How strange to watch true freshmen Chas Dodd and Jeremy Deering come on in 2010 the same way that freshmen Tom Savage and Mohamed Sanu stormed onto the scene in 2009. It's time to forget about the Tarheel and Green Wave disappointments. Rutgers is now 1-0 in Big East play and the year began tonight. Did the Dodd era start too?
It's going to be interesting to see the competition between Savage and Dodd for the starting quarterback position (and the competition between Sanu and Deering for the designated Wild Knight) as Tom Savage's hand heals and the year goes on. It's nice to see a quarterback who seems to love throwing the ball down the field, especially late in the game with the pressure to come from behind, but I don't know if I've ever seen a QB see that the short screen wasn't going to work so he threw for the 52-yard touchdown as his second read. Congrats to Chas Dodd for passing for 322 yards and 2 long TDs in his first start. Twenty Ten started tonight with his come-from-behind 27-24 victory over the UConn Huskies.
Go Knights!

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