Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In honor of Eric LeGrand, here's the "BELIEVE" sticker that the Rutgers players will be wearing on their helmets during Saturday's Pittsburgh game in place of the normal Big East logos above their face masks.

We'll all be thinking of #52 at noon on Saturday.

In tonight's replay of last Saturday's Army game on SNY, there was no replay of the kickoff during which Eric LeGrand was injured, nor any of the injury's aftermath. That was understandable, and I wasn't looking forward to seeing it, but why didn't they show Chas Dodd's 4th quarter 53-yard completion to D.C. Jefferson? There were so few offensive highlights for the Scarlet Knights that they didn't need to cut the longest Rutgers play from scrimmage, especially when they took the time to show every false start and every sack given up by the Scarlet Knights in the very ugly first three quarters.

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