Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Great Moment from a Not-So-Great Era in Rutgers Football History

Watch Saint Joe Paterno throw a meaningless touchdown for Penn State (#6/6) against Rutgers (Unranked) in the Meadowlands on September 23, 1995 with an 18-point lead and exactly a minute left in the game. Meaningless, that is, unless he was trying to cover the spread for his buddies in the mob. Not that we're saying he has any buddies in the mob. He's not even Italian, is he?
Anyway, watch Rutgers coach Doug Graber meet him at midfield and use an unprintable word (whose initials are "Bullshit") to describe Saint Joe's classless action.

I love the way that Coach Paterno seems pissed that the lesser mortal refused to genuflect during their post-game meeting.

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