Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm a traditionalist. Enron Field will always be Enron Field ...

... and The Birthplace of College Football will always be Rutgers Stadium --or maybe "R House"-- in this blog (if I ever get back to football blogging here), but it will never be known by the name of a company I never heard of before this event . But then I'm a traditionalist. I still refer to "Busch Campus" as University Heights and that flat skyscraper above Grand Central as The Pan Am Building, no matter which insurance company paid for the current naming rights and for Snoopy's image.

As an independent blogger, I don't have to bow to any corporate interests by repeating the name of any company that pays to put their name on a stadium or bowl game or "kick-off classic", but why do the TV and radio networks bend over backwards to repeat the names of these corporate sponsors as often as possible. How much did that repetition contribute to the general feeling that Enron might have been something other than a simple criminal enterprise? Is it in the broadcasters' contracts to repeat these names without editorial comment? With all the dead air time in yesterday afternoon's and last night's lightning-delayed and -shortened "Friends of Coal Bowl" between West Virginia and Marshall, you would have thought there would be time to mention that if the corporate "Friends of Coal" sponsoring the game have their way, the West Virginia Mountaineers won't have any mountains left in their state

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