Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm going to miss the Leonard Leap! (or First Do No Harm)

Nostalgic already for the days of number 23 on a Scarlet uniform, I just did a little browsing around the web for news on Brian Leonard and the upcoming NFL draft. I stumbled on this player page of stats on
The statistic that jumped at me from this page was not the number of receiving yards, the rushing yards, or the touchdowns, but a Zero. Despite all his touches (678 rushing attempts and 207 receptions for 5,961 all-purpose yards and 45 touchdowns), and some risky and thrilling airborne maneuvers, he NEVER fumbled in his Rutgers career -- not once (though he did have a fumble recovery in his freshman year).

I'm going to have to root for whichever NFL team has the foresight to pick up this great back, even if it's a team I formerly hated.

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Proud Dawg Pounder said...

I want this guy on the Cleveland Browns!!