Thursday, April 12, 2007

Timeline of the past week in Rutgers women's basketball news

In case you hadn't heard, the Rutgers women's basketball team was attacked in racist and sexist terms on the day after they played in the National Championship game (and on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination) by a wrinkled and cowboy-hatted shock jockey on CBS radio (and formerly of MSNBC). Media Matters for America did a great job of bringing this outrage to light with video and transcripts on April 4, and now they've published an informative timeline of the past week's events that runs from the 4th up until last night's action by MSNBC.

They also provide this important CBS Radio contact info:
  • Karen L. Mateo Vice President, Communications (212) 846-7638
  • Whitney Pray Communications Coordinator (212) 846-3906
  • Dana McClintock Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group (212) 975-1077
You can also write to ; put in a snappy subject line ("Fire Imus" is short and to the point) and please mention why you feel that way, and if you're writing because of a personal connection to Rutgers.
I'm also writing a thank you note to

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Anonymous said...

Go Rutgers!

I also am very proud to be a Rutgers grad (the library school).

This whole Imus situation was indeed racist, but also very much sexist and by inference, homophobic. None of those are acceptible.

The Tennessee team is also made up of mostly black women. But according to Imus's standards, the Vols were more feminine and attractive (code for straight), so he felt it was okay to call the Rutgers team hoes.

Coach Stringer and the team, in their response to his verbal garbage, get that the remarks were sexist as well as racist. I was proud of the team for reaching the finals, but I am just bursting with pride with the way these young women and their coach have dealt with the situation this past week.