Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Kordell Young & Ray Rice Backfield Duo

Some of the most exciting moments in Rutgers football came last year when number 8 touched the ball, often (like a certain back who just left for the Rams) on short passes out of the backfield.

Now Ray Rice is talking about sharing the ball with Kordell in the season that starts later this month:
"I definitely don't see a 350-carry year. Not with Kordell here."

The Scarlet Knights aren't likely to run an equal-carry system. But sophomore Young is making a case for the touches that used to go to Leonard, Rutgers' former do-all all-star fullback. He carried the ball 29 times, scored three touchdowns and caught three passes (just one less than Rice) last year – and he smilingly said Saturday, "I'd love to take some of the load off Ray. Maybe cut down his carries a little bit."

I don't think that people who haven't followed the Knights closely have any idea how deep the talent on this team runs.

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