Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About The Norfolk State University Band

Before all the attention shifts to the September 29th game against Maryland, I want to say just a couple more words about the guys pictured above. First of all, they are a great argument for why sports on television are not sports at all. I don't care if you were able to see the second-quarter touchdown receptions of Tiquan Underwood and Kenny Britt in slow motion replays on MSG. You still missed all the best moments of last Saturday's 59-0 victory. You wouldn't have had any idea that their brass section could drown out the deafening piped-in music at the beginning of the game, or that their halftime brought the crowd to its feet, or the most magical moment of all . . .

Right before the explosive 42-point second quarter, with the score only 3-0, a wave started in Rutgers Stadium (yes, with the new student bleachers in the open end of the Stadium, and with every seat filled, it is possible to have waves in Rutgers Stadium!) and when the wave got to the Norfolk State band, which was large enough to fill a section and a half of the bleachers, they rose in unison, in silence, at a quarter the speed of the other sections. Their slowing of the wave was a thing of coördinated beauty. The crowd in the Stadium responded with cheers and good-hearted laughter. And that was exactly the mood in R House when the television timeout ended and Mike Teel threw his first touchdown of the day, a forty-three yarder to Kenny Britt with 7 seconds off the second-quarter clock. You know the rest. I hope you were there.

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