Saturday, September 22, 2007

With Louisville's loss to Syracuse today at the Pizza Palace . . .

. . . Rutgers' 10-game home winning streak is now the longest in the Big East and the 5th longest in D1 football (behind only USC, Florida, LSU, and BC).

I got some bad information somewhere. I just found this list on the Rutgers website showing that the Scarlet Knights' current home win streak is only the 7th longest in D1 football. Here's the current rundown: 1)USC 34, 2)Florida 18, 3)LSU 16, 4)Ohio State 15, 5)Boston College 14, 6)Oklahoma 13, and 7)Rutgers 10. It's interesting that 6 of these 7 teams are in the top ten, and that BC is lurking at #12/#11.

My apologies to all you Buckeyes and Sooners out there for leaving you off the list.

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