Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kordell Young Is Out for the Season

I was sad to see this short news article today about Kordell Young being out for the season with an injury to his left knee.
In Saturday's game he came toward the sideline favoring a leg after going in as a gunner on a attempted punt block in the first half. I remember being very worried at the time, but reassured when he took over Ray Rice's spot in the backfield through much of the second half (along with true freshman Mason Robinson). Some of the most exciting moments in the 2006 season came when number 8 touched the ball, often (like a certain back who now plays for the Rams) on short passes out of the backfield. I was really looking forward to seeing him mature and and hoping that he would see lots more action in 2007. He'll be missed.

Get Well Soon Kordell!

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