Friday, December 28, 2007

Benny versus Willie : The Battle of the Ball State and Rutgers Statues

Beneficence is the name of the winged statue at Ball State University erected in 1937 as "A Civic Testimonial to the Beneficence of the Ball Brothers and their Families."
William the Silent, "Count of Nassau and Prince of Orange, Father of his Fatherland and Founder of the United States of the Netherlands" (and the first head of state assassinated by a handgun -- in 1584), anchors the end of the Vorhees Mall by the Seminary and has been a favored meeting place since he was installed in 1928.

Benny has a twin located in Massachusetts
at the Boston Gardens Park.
Willie has a twin located in The Hague.

Benny is reputed to flap her wings if you kiss
your true love in front of her at midnight.

Willie is known as "The Silent" (or "de Zwijger" in Dutch)
because he whistles every time a virgin walks by.

Willie looks like he could take Benny in any type of athletic competition (that didn't involve flight), especially if his little dog were allowed to help.

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