Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blasphemy!, or maybe the McGill Redmen would like to play the Scarlet Knights for the naming rights when we're up in Canada in a month

It seems that the title of The Birthplace of College Football is disputed by some of our friends from north of the border as shown in this article from yesterday, and a more detailed history from the McGill University alumni quarterly of the summer of 2005. Of course, if McGill's claim to have played the first "real" football game at Harvard in 1874 is true, then wouldn't that make Harvard the birthplace, even though they were playing with the Canadian school's rules?

There's only one answer to these claims: Blasphemy! The date of November 6, 1869 is one of the holiest dates in American history -- maybe the holiest in American athletic history. We're not going to let any school from Kaybeck take the honor of that first game away from us (and our little brothers down in Princeton).

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