Sunday, December 2, 2007

Submit Your Ideas Here.

Play Like Your Couch Is on is still soliciting ideas for National Championship game shirts this afternoon:You might want to make that a suggestion for Orange Bowl Fiesta Bowl shirts instead, which is nothing for the Mountaineers to be ashamed of (when the sting of last night's loss disappears in a decade or two). But how did West Virginia lose to two teams that Rutgers beat this year? There's more parity in the Big East than any of us expected at the beginning of September (and next year Pitt's freshmen starters are going to be much better, so the Backyard Brawl will really be wild at the Heinz Ketchup Stadium next year).
Check the silence and cries of disbelief from other West Virginia blogs this morning here:
And the gloating at:


J. Johnston said...

Kill me. Make it slow and painful please.

I guess it's not that unexpected when everyone's buying bowl trips and shit though. Jinxed.

True Blue Liberal said...

Now that the matchup of the Mountaineers and the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl has been set, the first t-shirt slogan that springs to mind is "I'd Sooner Be a Hillbilly than an Okie"

J. Johnston said...

I updated my site for you. Enjoy my suffering.