Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Quote of the Day leading up to the USF game

“When Damaso Munoz got his first interception last week, no one said much to him because he didn’t score. It’s not enough now with this defense just to get the turnover. Guys are looking to score, too.” --Munoz's fellow linebacker Antonio Lowery (who does have a defensive score on an interception return)
Does anyone else have the feeling that the Scarlet Knights are going to have at least one defensive touchdown scored tomorrow night? Rutgers is going into the game against USF having lost the ball only 7 times in 8 games (and three of those were interceptions thrown by Natale in the first half of the first game against Cincinnati) and having stolen the ball 25 times from the opposition. That +2.25 turnover margin leads the nation and it will definitely be a factor against the Bulls, if only because it might cause the players from "South" Florida (actually central Florida, but they flunked Geography 101) to be more careful and conservative with the pigskin than they need to be. That defensive pressure, plus the continuing maturation of the young offense, lead me to be more than a little optimistic about what we're going to witness at the Stadium. If you're not planning to stand and be loud and obnoxious (and you won't need those vocal cords again until December 5 anyway), then stay home and give your tickets to someone with a stronger set of legs and lungs and fewer inhibitions. Go Knights!

And if the words of Antonio Lowery aren't enough for you (it's been awhile since we've run a Beat Visitor dot com quote of the day), how about a randomly generated quote from the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon:
William Shakespeare

Fear no more the heat o'the Jim Leavitt
Nor the furious winter's rages.

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I hope Leavitt wears his silly little sun visor and screams all night long.

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