Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why the Huskies need to massacre the Leprechauns on Saturday

In his most recent prediction of the 34 2009-2010 bowl matchups, Stewart Mandel presents the possibility of this outrage, a mediocre Notre Dame stealing the 2nd Big East bowl slot in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day. The "other" Big East teams are allocated to the following bowls:
  • Pittsburgh as Big East champs in the Sugar Bowl against Florida.
  • Cincinnati as the "3rd place" Big East team in the Muffler Repair Shop Bowl against North Carolina.
  • West Virginia in the Pizza Bowl of Birmingham against South Carolina.
  • Rutgers in the St. Petersburg Bowl against Southern Miss.
  • USF in the International Bowl against Temple.
  • UConn in the Pizza Bowl of Detroit against Central Michigan (because the Big Ten won't have enough bowl-eligible teams for all their bowl slots).
As much fun as it would be to see Notre Dame lose to Virginia Tech by five touchdowns in the Gator Bowl, I'd much rather see that bowl slot go to a worthier Big East team, and see the Dames blown out by the University of Connecticut this weekend. I hope the Huskies' football players get a cathartic release of every bit of frustration they have felt in this season's close losses to Pitt, UNC, Rutgers, and Cincinnati.

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