Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Too cool for you!"

I have a new favorite piece of clothing. It was one of the many layers that I was wearing at the Pittsburgh game on Friday night and invisible under my coat and poncho for most of the night, but when I was tossing the pigskin with my son in the parking lot a couple of hours before the game it was my outer layer. I asked him how he liked my new Chop Shop U hoodie and he said, "It's great, but it's too cool for you," in his none-too-subtle way of saying that he wanted it for himself.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to admit that anything could be too cool for me, but I do have to admit that there may be others on whom this garment might look better, so the picture I've enclosed here depicts a model from their website. All of the principals, designers, and models involved in Chop Shop U are young former Rutgers students from the classes of 2003-2006, the company is based in New Jersey, and they are interested in original designs and in giving back to Rutgers student organizations. I certainly feel much better supporting a company like this than padding the coffers of Nike or Adidas for another look-alike product. This is an officially-licensed product, but it has the feel of something that's almost handmade. Not just outerwear, I'm wearing it this soft cotton hoodie unzipped as I type this and the wind and rain howl outside my windows on this stormy Sunday.

Voluntarily following new FTC guidelines about bloggers and endorsements that haven't gone into effect yet, but which were published on October 5, I should say that I was contacted by Chop Shop U and I was given a sample for testing, but I would be making this endorsement without that incentive. I like this garment better than any of the many other things I own that include a Block R, and I can't wait to see what other fresh designs they come up with. If you have any interest check them out by clicking on this link to Chop Shop U (great name too).
ADDENDUM 10/20/09: Chop Shop U has sent me this direct discount link for readers of Beat Visitor.

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Unknown said...

This is perfect for my girlfriend, she has been asking for new Rutgers gear and wants a full zip hoodie. By the way, it's RUBrooklyn from Twitter. Tough loss friday night, but I'm nowhere near giving up on the season, team or coaching staff, even though I am frustrated by playcalling at times. Trying to get to the Army game, but travel is difficult.