Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Breaking News about our next opponent, or why we love coaching chaos in Louisville

So first-year Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe held a news conference within the last hour stating unequivocally that "I'm not going anywhere." Wasn't the same thing said less than a year ago by a coach named Petrino who then deserted the team for the pleasure of coaching Michael Vick in Atlanta (ooops!)? It could be that S.K. meant simply that he's not going anywhere after the last game of the regular season (i.e., to a bowl game). But no matter what he meant, it certainly plays into the hands of the Scarlet Knights to be ending the season against a team whose players and fans are freely showing their dissension and depression about this disappointing season and their coaching uncertainty.
If you check in over at Card Chronicle or Inside the Ville later this afternoon, I don't think you'll find the same kind of joy about Kragthorpe's decision to stay that you found in New Jersey about Greg Schiano's decision to tell Miami to shove their job offer last year.
There may have been some people in Rutgers Stadium criticizing Greg Schiano's decisions during last week's squeaker against the Panthers, but I think we all know how lucky we are in the coaching department.

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