Thursday, November 29, 2007

A disgusting loss.

Luck Fouisville.
To hell with Kragthorpe.
Brohm's a bastard.

But most of all,


He spent that ENTIRE game with his lips firmly affixed to Brian Brohm's Ass. Like Ahmad Rashad and Michael Jordan. All he did for four quarters was praise Brohm and knock our Knights. Saying how if Ray Ray leaves, we'll have no team. No offense. He refused to acknowledge that Teel played a hell of a game. That he outplayed Brohm in yards and touchdowns. All he did was sidle up next to Brohm and sweet talk him as if he was some chick sitting in a bar. That's what you would expect from James, a man who called Joe Paterno an "old fart" in reference to his broken leg last season. I can think of a younger, bulkier man who hurt his knee being crashed into by players. Former Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Tice. I guess he's an old fart too. Thank god the Rutgers season is over on ESPN. I never have to watch James call a game again until next year. I'll be AT the International Bowl. I'll watch it in person. No more of this ESPN crap. Because having James, Flutie, and Fowler call your game is only SLIGHTLY worse than being on ESPNU. Three morons. Sorry. Two morons and a midget. Flutie has to stand on an milk crate to watch the game. How in God's name do you blow TWO 18 point leads? TWO!!!! That was simply an abomination. The pass to Douglas was a let down. Christ al-FUCKIN-mighty get a damn hand up or something. INTERFERE with Douglas--it's only 15 yards. You stop a team's leading receiver for the first 57 minutes of the game but when it counted in the final minutes, you FAILED. There was NO second half defense. Plain and simple. It's time for us to CRUCIFY a team. Losing SUCKS. You taste victory and you NEVER want to lose that taste. I've only ever tasted one thing worse than this loss. When my breakfast was two pop tarts and a swig of four or five day old Steel Reserve malt liquor out of a 40 ounce bottle. Ouch.

On a lighter note...

Nate Jones' hit on Brett Favre knocked him out of the game tonight. I like Favre, but good for Nate getting some playing time.

And the lightest note...

Canada here we come. We're going international. And this will cost Ball State dearly. Because they will be the sacrificial lamb. Keep choppin, all the way up to Toronto, to the CN tower, to Massey Hall, and finally to the Toronto Zoo, to kill all the Cardinals in the Aviary. After all, Ball State are Cardinals, too.

Keep Choppin'


True Blue Liberal said...

Wow. Your comments makes me glad I was listening to it on WOR with Rutgers announcers rather than watching it (who needs cable anyway when you've got season tickets).

Mr. Cooper said...

I didn't think Craig James was that bad last night -- he said a number of times that Rutgers fans have nothing to worry about if Rice leaves because the rest of our offense is developing well.

Disgusting loss, though.

Future_RU_MLB said...

While he may not have been that bad, he was still very bad. I can't stand him. He's a fool.