Saturday, November 3, 2007

With Three Minutes Left, I'm Glad I Can't See it on TV

Mike Teel has just thrown his traditional game- ending interception with 3 minutes left according to the internet gamecasts I have on my screen, so we'll be lucky if it's "only" a 38-19 loss tonight.

I don't know what to say, maybe the Huskies really are a good team, having beaten Louisville, USF, and the Knights in successive weeks. If they do represent the Big East in a BCS bowl, I hope they do us proud (so why do I have this sneaky feeling that they're going to lose to Syracuse on November 17).

It's official, the game's over with no change in score. Teel ended up passing for 343 yards, but the important stat is the Zero TDs/One Pick statistic. The team seemed to be moving the bars on the GameCast and the GameTracker well until they got within striking distance of an end zone.

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