Friday, November 30, 2007

Here's one thing that Rutgers does better than West Virginia (and we're not bragging about our Philosophy Department again)

In contrast to the happy scenes after major upset wins at Rutgers Stadium in which exuberance is expressed by hopping up and down on the FieldTurf for twenty minutes after the final cannon, West Virginia students are facing threats of pepper spray, dogs, and police in riot gear if they attempt to hop the wall after beating Pittsburgh and clinching a spot in the NationalFuckingChampionship game tomorrow!! After a WVU upset of Virginia Tech in 2003, the police used pepper spray on students who rushed the field. Could the fires set by celebrants later that night outside of the stadium have been part of the reaction against those overzealous lawmen? Why not just let the party go on inside the Stadium?

Go get those Panthers and win the National Championship and don't sit on any 18-point leads! We'll understand if you burn some couches.

(Thanks to Let's Go Drink Some Beers for pointing out this outrage)

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J. Johnston said...

You're very welcome. I hate these bastards.