Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Bearcat Theory.

One of our readers wrote in to say that in addition to being a car made by Stutz (as we pointed out yesterday), a bearcat is also a real animal, as pictured here.
We'd love to see the University of Cincinnati spring to bring one in a cage to Rutgers Stadium on September 7th.
And in other mascot-related off-season news, we'd love to see the next redesign of the cartoony Scarlet Knight bearing a face more like the one that you can see here at @TweetsFromHell (the knight riding the horse should remain unchanged). The whole scarlet armor with the scarlet face thing might not work at all, but it might be worth testing, and it just continues the whole trope about the Jersey being Hell and our hockey team being called the Devils. Sir Gawain thought that Green Knight was tough? Well, get a look at this diabolical Scarlet hombre!

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