Thursday, July 16, 2009

Please Don't Send Me Any Money!

Is it only in New Jersey that you find such idiocy as that spelled out in this unsigned article that appears today on, Lounge Project Speaks Poorly to Rutgers' Priorities?

"'s how officials could have — should have — responded to the donors. They should have graciously explained that given the current economic conditions and pressures it simply wouldn't be appropriate to accept that much money for such a frivolous project. To pursue the lounge, some of the donated money would have to redirected to another worthy cause, either in academics or even to some of the more neglected sports. Some funds could even have gone to restoring the lost sports programs that a coalition of supporters is still fighting to bring back.
And if the donors refused, school officials could have politely declined the offer and moved on..."

Is this writer really telling Rutgers' Board of Governors that they should have refused a gift of five million dollars because they might have wanted to put the $5 million into something other than the Recruits' Lounge at the Expanding Rutgers Stadium? When he was a kid, did the writer ask Santa Claus to drop cash down the chimney with no strings attached? (And is it possible that the bloggers of Rutgers 1000 have moved to

Well, I'll never give $5 million dollars to anyone, but I am a season-ticket holder who has given money to the Rutgers University Foundation (click this link to start giving to RU yourself) for over ten straight years and I've designated most of my contributions to go to the Library and the History Department. If someone told me that my thousands of dollars had been redirected to the Business school or some Mathematics (ecccch) research, they'd never get another check from me.

A gift is a gift and if someone gives you $5 million, you say a simple Thank You.
Addendum: I wrote this about an hour ago, but I can't stop thinking about the whining of the (soon-to-be-defunct) New Jersey press on every topic related to Rutgers, but especially to Rutgers Football. These writers must be so angry that they can't write the story they want to write about how no private donors are giving any money to the Stadium expansion. (There are brand-new pictures posted today of the current state of the new south endzone in the Construction Photo Gallery here.)

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