Monday, July 6, 2009

Rivalries and Things

I got on Twitter just in time to catch probably the funniest string of tweets ever as NunesMagician went on and on about the fact that the Rutgers-Seton Hall basketball rivalry had beaten out Syracuse-Georgetown (or Syracuse-Anybody) as one of the hot college basketball rivalries in Pat Forde's estimation on You can get a good taste of his (NunesMagician's not Forde's) comic tone here.
Maybe even more ridiculous, in Forde's "Red-hot" football rivalries for '09 published on July 2nd, he picked West Virginia-USF over the real rivalry of WVU-Pittsburgh. The Backyard Brawl between the Mountaineers and the Panthers is THE football rivalry in the Big East. Period. It will take decades before any other two BE teams develop the historical animosity that exists between those feuding neighbors (I'm jealous; I wish we had that kind of hate between us and Syracuse, or UConn [though they'll never deserve it], or Penn State).
And as long as I've had my attention diverted to basketball for a second, I'd like to point out that I (like every good Scarlet Knight fan) will be rooting for Mike Rosario's Puerto Rico team to beat the USA tomorrow in New Zealand (it's the Brian Leonard effect; Scarlet affiliations trump all other team and national loyalties).
Finally, thanks to Every Day Should Be Saturday and Bleed Scarlet for driving so much traffic to my last entry today. Who knew history was such a popular subject??

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