Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Has it been 16 years already?

Though it seems from watching the news that he's everywhere all the time, the President of the United States can only be one place at a time. I know of at least one small town where a statue of a President was erected to commemorate a single visit (McKinley to Adams, Massachusetts).

With the visit to Vorhees Mall by Barack Obama coming up next Thursday, it made me wonder when the last visit of a sitting President had occured on the Rutgers campus. I did a little digging and found this link to a Bill Clinton speech on the American Presidency Project website : Remarks on National Service at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, March 1, 1993. I can't find a later Clinton appearance and I would remember if there had been an appearance by our most recent occupant of the Oval Office (some Rutgers students would not have let it pass without some fuss). So unless anyone can come up with a later Presidential appearance at Rutgers, I'm going to assume that it's been a little over 16 years since Rutgers has hosted a sitting President. No matter what you might think about the current officeholder, I think the University -- and those of us with proud ties to it -- should be honored by this rare Presidential visit. I'm just hoping that I can take a few pictures of Barack with Willie the Silent or Old Queens in the background, or wearing a bit o' Scarlet. If so, I'll share them with you here.


Mark said...

Hey, I was at that Clinton speech in '93. He was and still is an electrifying speaker. Well worth the wait and the warm-up speeches.

Although I believe that the speech was given at the RAC, so technically shouldn't the location be Piscataway?


Anyway, love the blog. Was recently referred here by Bleed Scarlet. Keep up the good work!

True Blue Liberal said...

Now we get the disappointing news that they've moved this event from Vorhees Mall to the Garden State Arts Center. That Sucks. Now who knows how long it will be between Presidential visits.
Though it's obviously not his fault, maybe Barack Obama owes the students of Rutgers a commencement address now.