Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 4th 2009 BlogPoll Ballot of Beat Visitor dot com

The tradition is to post a preliminary ballot and solicit your comments and suggested changes so that I can finalize the list before the final compilation on on Wednesday morning. You can still add whatever comments or changes you want by clicking below, but I won't be able to read them until September 30th, and I won't be revising this list. As soon as I post this, I'm going offline and leaving the country for over nine days.
1 Florida
2 Texas 1
3 Alabama 1
4 Penn State 1
5 California 2
6 Mississippi
7 Miami (Florida) 11
8 Cincinnati 4
10 Boise State 1
11 Southern Cal 9
12 Ohio State 1
13 Virginia Tech 3
14 TCU 3
15 Oklahoma
16 Houston 5
17 Florida State
18 Oklahoma State 4
19 Brigham Young 11
20 Pittsburgh 3
21 Michigan 4
22 Georgia 2
23 North Carolina
24 Georgia Tech 14
25 Kansas
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Nebraska (#14), Texas Tech (#19), Utah (#20).

You can click on the scribbles reproduced to your right to see my brilliant reckoning of the new top 25. For those of you who don't want to try to decipher code, my biggest movers in a downward direction this week are USC, BYU, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Utah, and Georgia Tech, the biggest mover in an upward direction is "Da U", and my newcomers to the list are Kansas, North Carolina, and Florida State (with the last two actually being returnees who were prematurely ejected from my poll in earlier weeks).
Sorry if this seems rushed, but I've got to finish packing and get to Newark aiport.
Na shledanou.

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