Monday, September 7, 2009

The Quarterback Poll in the Sidebar Closed Just in Time

This sidebar poll was placed on BeatVisitor dot com for the last couple of weeks. When it first started, Dom Natale jumped out to an early 13-1 lead when the following question was asked of Beat Visitor's visitors: Who Will Be the Rutgers QB for the LAST Game of the 2009 Season?
The feeling when the question was first posted was that Tom Savage definitely wouldn't start in 2009, and he might even be redshirted this year and see his first action in 2010. As word from training camp continued to be very positive, and as D.C. Jefferson was moved from quarterback to tight end, the votes shifted quickly and when the poll closed at 4pm this afternoon --- kickoff time -- Tom Savage led the four other QBs with 53% of the votes. If the polls had been opened during or after today's game, he would have had 100% of Rutgers fans' votes. His play was the one bright spot of the day (and as I said in one of my few tweets from the Stadium, at least the weather was perfect).
Any suggestions for the next poll question?

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