Monday, September 7, 2009

Beat Visitor's Week 2 BlogPoll Is Up

The week one games are finally over with Miami's defeat of Florida State in Tallahassee a few minutes ago. I had Florida State at #18 in my preseason poll, but they are now gone, and Miami has entered my poll.
2Southern Cal
4Alabama 2
5Penn State
6Mississippi 2
7Oklahoma State 3
8California 3
9Ohio State 2
10LSU 1
11Boise State 6
12Georgia Tech 3
13Brigham Young
14Georgia 2
15Oklahoma 11
16Virginia Tech 3
17Cincinnati 6
18Nebraska 1
19North Carolina 2
21Texas Tech 1
22Utah 2
23Miami (Florida)
24Iowa 8
25Notre Dame
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon (#14), Florida State (#18), West Virginia (#25).

The other big movers in addition to the Sunshine State rivals are Boise State (+6 to #11) and their victim Oregon (from #14 to unranked), Brigham Young (from unranked to #13) and their victim Oklahoma (down 11 to #15), Cincinnati (+6 to #17 after embarrassing my Scarlet Knights earlier this evening), which has shown itself to be the Big East team most deserving of a place on this list, and Iowa (down 8 to #24), which is lucky not to have lost to NIU on Saturday.

It's late and I'm still shocked at the way I watched Dom Natale and the Rutgers defense fall apart today. Let me know if you feel that any of that confusion has found its way into my BlogPoll selections. I'm open to adjustments between now and time it has to be finalized on Wednesday morning. If I don't know my own team at all, what can I possibly know about any of these others?

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