Thursday, September 17, 2009

In case you missed it . . .

I happened to catch the odometer on Beat Visitor dot com turning to all zeroes early this afternoon. Exciting, no?
OK, I know there are college football blogs that get tens of thousands of hits an hour and that our grand total of 20,000 seems laughable in comparison, but allow us to pause on our way to 25,000 visitors to admire the view. When my car passes milestones I always seem to notice it when it's already at 40,009 or 80,021. It's rare to look down and catch the zeroes, though it's easier here than in the car; even though the Site Meter has picked up speed in the last couple of months thanks to more frequent updates, Twitter, and our BlogPoll membership, it still doesn't move quite as fast as an odometer in a car going 75 or 80 mph (not that we ever speed).

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