Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are you intimidated.....

. . . by the little white doggy? Yeah, maybe if it had rabies. Or if Mike Vick were training it. I feel great about this weekend's game at UCONN. Could I be wrong? Sure. But I don't think I am. This is a great matchup for Rutgers. After facing two mobile quarterbacks in the last two weeks, our knights get to face a QB who THINKS he can run and generally sticks to short, dink dunk passes. Rutgers needs to cover the flats on D and they should be fine. I'm more concerned with the run defense on Saturday than anything else. If I could name anybody who actually plays for UCONN, I could give more insight on the RU defensive strategy, but I can't. The Huskies have seemingly relied on their D all year, carrying them to wins over such stalwarts like DUKE, MAINE, TEMPLE, PITTSBURGH, and AKRON. If that schedule hasn't yet melted the BCS computers, it soon may. They beat Louisville on an absolute bullshit touchdown, so really, the only legitimate win was against USF. Despite the win, UCONN's "great" defense held USF to ONLY 440 yards of total offense. They are a playmaking, red zone defense, employing a bend but don't break defensive style. The USF game would have been closer except for the fact that USF's kicker is the worst in D1-A Football, but what's done is done. Raymell should have a great game against UCONN, as always. None of this Huck the Fuskies business, either. I want blood this week. I'm sick of losing. 3 is enough. We gotta chop chop chop chop chop.

FUCK the Huskies.

The St. Louis Rams are winless. Let's win one for Brian.


True Blue Liberal said...

Welcome FRUMLB!
Thanks for bringing your fresh perspective and potty mouth to BeatVisitor.com (is that Tourette's you have, or were you born in Jersey?).

Brian Harrison said...

That is the gayest UConn logo I have ever seen. Well done finding that.


Future_RU_MLB said...

Thats what I aimed for. Glad you like it.