Friday, October 19, 2007

Déjà vu, or Didn't We Just Rush the Field on a Thursday Night After Beating a Team Ranked in the Top Three?

Two days ago, it was too much to hope that we would see a repeat of last November's Louisville game, but the defense that showed up and shut the door on Grothe in the second half was just as impressive as the defense that shut down Brohm a little less than a year ago. There may have been a smidgen less unrestrained joy and surprise on the faces of those who rushed the field, but maybe it's because we're becoming more and more sure of our Knights' ability to defend R House against any and all comers (that means you, you 'neers; see you in a week!).

Ray Rice's Mom & a Fan, 18 October 2007. Ray's mom had no doubt about the outcome on her way into the Stadium last night, posing and chatting with all of her well wishers. The trick plays and Tiquan Underwood receptions were great and exciting, but the heart of the offense was Ray Rice and his 181 yards. To do this against a defense that hadn't allowed anyone to gain 100 yards against them in the last 14 games (since Ray gained 202 yards against them last year) showed that there was nothing "fluky" about this win against the #2 team in the country. Ray had averaged 180 rushing yards in his previous two games against this Bulls team and he matched his average almost exactly. He was also an active and effective blocker, helping to keep Mike Teel from being sacked by this sack-happy line, when he wasn't carrying the ball. He may not have gotten a touchdown yesterday, but you'll start seeing Ray's name in Heisman discussions again, especially next Saturday at noon, when he takes the field opposite Pat White and Steve Slaton.

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