Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The SI on Campus Tailgate Report Card for Rutgers is Out

Click here or on the screen shot to read the entire report card from Andrew Reed released yesterday afternoon. Without giving it all away, it seems that we need to work on our selection of alcoholic beverages and use more bodypaint. Maybe alcohol facilitates the application of more bodypaint?? Never thought of that!!

Though the season is far from over and a sweep of the next four games could put the Knights in a very respectable bowl game, is anyone else more than a little bummed that we only have one more home game at R House on November 17th against Pittsburgh at which to try to pull up our tailgating grades? Where did the season go?

And what exactly does Andrew Reed find so distasteful about being herded like cattle to board a shuttle bus that takes 45 minutes to move 3 blocks on its way back to the parking lots at the RAC at the end of the game? Do other schools do it any differently?


Nicholas said...

For the most part Rutgers fans are getting better with the tailgating....but in the rain they should still be more there....just get a tent from Target for $25 and its the best.....We park near the e grassy area to the left of the RAC by the woods and its so nice a great tailgating spot.

True Blue Liberal said...

I think the early hour had more to do with it than the rain last Saturday. For a noon game, some people with a drive from North and South Jersey need to leave the house by 8am to get any serious tailgating done.
If the game had been at 3:30, or 7:30, not only would the rain have passed, but the crowd would have been rowdier (or at least awake). Oh well. We won't beat West Virginia until God stops listening to John Denver.