Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some West Virginia Fan Blogs

In case you want to get to know the neighbors wearing blue and gold (and coonskin) in Section 101 on Saturday at noon, here are a few on-line clues for you all:

New Big East powers Cincinnati and USF don't seem to have any independent web presences, but the traditional programs at Syracuse and West Virginia have grown a humorous and organic presence on the web, written by fans who love their teams.

Let's remember to show our hospitality on Saturday. Cheer real loud whenever their offense is out there trying not to get thrown for a loss.

Go Knights! (Save some innocent porch furniture from the torch!)

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MountaineerBob said...

Hey all you Rutgers fans, we can't wait to come to town this weekend. I'm sure it will fun for all and I hope as exciting as last year in Morgantown.

You guys always do treat us with respect and I hope the fans coming up do the same. I know I will. Just do us a favor and loose on saturday so we can run the table and get to the national champ game!

Actually, you guys are turning out to be one of our toughest games this year should be a good one! Thanks for beating USF for us too!

Let's Go Mountaineers!!!!

PS great blog, i'm going to put you on in my links section. if you got room put me on yours!